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  • Is Telehealth Counselling Provided?
    We offer counseling sessions both in-person and via telehealth. Studies indicate that telehealth sessions are just as effective as face-to-face counseling. Additionally, telehealth sessions provide convenience in terms of time and transportation.
  • What is the fee and the fee policy?
    Fees for Individual Counselling - $150 p/h Fees for Couples Counselling - $175 p/h Fees for Hypnotherapy (Individual Session) - $150 p/h Fees for Past Life Regression Therapy - $175 p/h Prepayment – We take prepayment to ensure that the time slot is yours. It’s also a good motivating factor for you to attend your session, which can be challenging to do if one is feeling overwhelmed. Cancellation You can cancel your session up to 72 hours before your appointment and receive a refund of fees. However, cancellations made after this window will be treated as a no-show and will result in full charges being incurred.
  • What Happens at My First Session?
    Your first session is when we break the ice and build a camaraderie. This is an intake and assessment session, whereby I get to know you and hear about your journey, your concerns and your goals. We can discuss if hypnotherapy should be incorporated into your sessions to help with making lasting changes. For couples seeking counselling, intakes are conducted individually and then we commence with joint sessions. This is to ensure that you both get the time and space to share your story from past to present, and also for me to assess if it is safe to carry on with couples counselling.
  • Is Clinical Hypnotherapy Effective?
    Of course, it helps to create lasting changes. Hypnotherapy bridges your subconscious mind with your conscious mind, and that’s when healing happens. It is very helpful with changing habits, healing from childhood/past issues, weight loss, smoking cessation, stress and anxiety reduction, changing negative thinking patterns, pain management, increasing confidence and the list goes on. We also offer Past Life Regression Therapy, an effective way of discovering and healing patterns that we have carried forward to this lifetime.
  • Do you accept private insurance?
    Yes, we do. We accept BUPA, Medibank, AHM and HCF. An invoice will be given to you and you can make the claim accordingly.
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