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Feeling stuck?

Needing help with relationship issues, grief, anxiety or depression?


We offer a safe and supportive environment to help you navigate life’s obstacles. Our goal is your growth.


Through counselling and clinical hypnotherapy, we empower you to achieve your goals.


We offer Face-to-Face sessions from our Williams Landing office and Telehealth  -  via secure virtual sessions from the comforts of your home.

Let's Get Talking

Australia Online Counselling &  Hypnotherapy practise.

Our Services

Online Individual Counselling Australia

Individual Counselling 

This is a safe, therapeutic and non-judgmental space for you to feel heard and understood. Our aim is to help you undo any stuck patterns, gain clarity and realise your “aha” moment. We also provide practical strategies to help you in your journey.

Past Life Regression Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.

Past Life Regression Therapy 

This has proven to be very helpful in discovering and healing patterns that we have carried forward into this lifetime. This can have an effect in many areas of our lives – health, relationships, etc. This is in line with Dr Brian Weiss’ (USA) experience and training. 

Couple Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.

Couples Counselling 

Many couples go through tough times for a variety of reasons. We provide evidence-based Gottman therapy (the golden standard for couples counselling) strategies to improve communication, so that it becomes calm and purposeful. We work on rebuilding trust, understanding each other better, reconnecting with each other as a couple, and thus improving intimacy. Practical strategies are also provided to help deescalate arguments and to use that time as a way of connecting with one another, rather than being combative. Our aim is for every couple to end counseling feeling like they are a team with a common vision.

Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.

Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Clinical hypnotherapy is a great way to bridge your subconscious mind with your conscious mind. This is when healing happens, leading to sustainable, lasting changes. Because of this, counselling is a much quicker process, thus saving you time and money. Clinical hypnotherapy is effective for stress and anxiety reduction, pain management, healing from past/childhood issues, changing habits and thinking patterns, weight loss, smoking cessation, increasing confidence and the list goes on.

Premarital Counselling Online Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.

Premarital Counselling

The wedding is nice, but the marriage is more important. In budgeting for your wedding, don’t forget
to include premarital counselling to ensure a strong, supportive and loving marriage. Areas worked
on are triggers, family of origin influence, communication, how to turn arguments into
opportunities, finances, value system and discussing what your shared dream of marriage will look
like. Premarital counselling helps to prevent marriages from breaking down. Go ahead, call to book
in and future proof your marriage.

EAP Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.

EAP Counselling 

We provide EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) counselling that is fully covered by your insurance or employer. For this, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is used to best respond to your needs in fewer sessions.

Bridge Your Mind Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.
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Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.

 ACA top level member

Counselling & Hypnotherapy Online Australia.

Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with AHA


Welcome ! I am Kavita and I’m the principal counsellor of Bridge Your Mind.


I come with 14 years of counselling experience and counting. I offer a unique perspective, having had international experience working with clients and having both psychology and counselling degrees.


I’m also a clinical hypnotherapist. I studied clinical hypnotherapy as I personally benefitted from having had hypnotherapy and experienced its healing power and lasting effectiveness.


I believe that counselling and hypnotherapy can help a person or couple overcome their challenges, thus achieving their full potential.

I utilize Person Centred, Solution-Focused, CBT and Narrative Therapy.


  • Bachelor’s in Psychology

  • Master’s in Counselling

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Gottman Certified Couples Counsellor

  • Trauma Informed

  • Child Focused

  • Grief Counselling

What our clients have to say

Maria W

“Just wanted to say that you have been such a wonderful and supportive person in our time of need. Your kindness and insight of trauma has taught my family and I so much”

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